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Estate Planning Opportunities You Should Implement TodayNo matter the size of your estate or your income level, it’s crucial to establish a plan for the future, especially when you can no longer oversee your own affairs. Having a plan keeps the state from taking control of your assets and empowers you to decide how they’re allocated. At the Law Offices of Clifford M. Cohen, we can help you establish a will and a trust to ensure that your wishes are honored.

What is a will?

A will, also known as a last testament, outlines your final wishes and determines how assets like property will be distributed. Upon your death, the county court validates and enforces these wishes. Wills can be used to establish your executor, name guardians for your children, determine how much to pay in taxes and debt, and act as a backup for your living trust. Your will should not be used to provide instructions for your final arrangements or to add conditions to the gifts you left others (i.e. leaving an inheritance only if your son finishes college).

What is a trust?

A trust is a threefold agreement where the trustmaker transfers ownership of specific assets to a trust so they can be managed for a beneficiary. It dictates how and when assets are distributed. Trusts, whether living (established while you’re alive) or testamentary (posthumous), can greatly simplify things by allowing you to bypass probate

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Planning Trust and Wills

Our process involves a series of consultations designed to gather information so we can fashion a will or trust that’s customized specifically for you. We walk you through every element of our recommended plan, go over legal documents, and answer any questions. Once it’s been signed and finalized, we emphasize execution, assisting you with funding and administration so your goals can be carried out effectively when the time comes.

Qualified Will and Trust Attorneys Who Care

Enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced will attorney or trust lawyer. Legal professionals can help you reduce stress, streamlining the entire process by drafting a plan that meets your needs and accounts for anything that might hinder its implementation. 

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