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Estate planning is an intensive process that requires strong attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of state requirements. Unfortunately, those who lack these essential qualities often put off creating an estate plan. This

Gaithersburg Estate Planning Lawyer

commonly results in people scrambling to put one together once their health starts deteriorating. In the worst scenarios, individuals die without ever making an estate plan.

As an aging individual, what happens to your estate and the well-being of your loved ones after you pass should be your primary concern. Ensure that you – not the state – have the final say over what happens to your belongings upon your death by securing experienced legal counsel.

A Gaithersburg estate planning lawyer at The Law Offices of Clifford M. Cohen is here to provide knowledgeable legal representation throughout the estate planning process. Having helped numerous individuals like you craft a state-recognized estate plan, we’re confident that we can tailor your estate plan to address your unique concerns.

Gaithersburg Estate Planning Essentials

Who do you want to make medical decisions on your behalf upon incapacitation? Who would you like to govern your finances? Would you like to avoid probate? These are just a few questions that can be answered in your estate plan, but that’s not all. Attorney Clifford Cohen can meet with you personally and discuss the intricacies of what your estate plan can accomplish.

With our proven-effective 5-Step Planning Process, Mr. Cohen will remain in direct contact with you from the initial meeting to the execution of your estate plan. Our goal is to ensure that no stone goes unturned and, most importantly, that you’re always in the know.

Some of the primary services we offer include:

  • Drafting wills, powers of attorney, medical directives, and living wills
  • Planning for mental incapacity
  • Drafting revocable and irrevocable trusts including charitable trusts, life insurance trusts, and asset protection trusts
  • Qualifying for Medicaid
  • Filing and administering the documents necessary for probating an estate
  • Providing succession plans for your business

We understand that life is unpredictable and there’s a high chance that your desires may change. It is for this reason that we remain available to make the necessary amendments to your estate plan should the need arise.

Get Experienced Help Planning Your Estate in Gaithersburg

Maryland has strict legal requirements for estate plans to be legally accepted. Something as simple as a missing signature or failing to identify fiduciaries can result in your estate plan going unrecognized. This means that family members will be unable to reference it upon your death or incapacitation, ultimately requiring your assets to go through probate.

Provide your loved ones with peace of mind knowing that they’re following your wishes by meeting with us today to create a customized estate plan. Clifford Cohen boasts more than 35 years of experience helping people just like you craft catered estate plans, and continues to do so today. Get the legal counsel you require by contacting The Law Offices of Clifford M. Cohen today at 202-895-2799 for a free case evaluation.