Special Needs Planning in DC 

Understanding Special Needs Estate Planning for the Cognitively Impaired

If you’re caring for a child with disabilities, our special needs planning attorneys can help you navigate the legal and financial complexities involved. We can get the assistance you need now, and in the future, so your loved one is always cared for in a way that aligns with your preferences, even after you can no longer do it yourself. Our team can also:

  • Preserve your child’s eligibility for vital government benefits like SSI.
  • Identify available benefits for both you and your special needs dependent.
  • Maximize your access to public and private resources.
  • Address the planning needs of your entire family.
  • Regularly review your plan to accommodate for changes in your household, finances, or health.

The Advantage of a Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust is one of the most essential tools that a caregiver has at their disposal. While they come in various forms, the primary goal of a special needs trust is to retain eligibility for government assistance programs like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). They also furnish additional services beyond what these programs offer. These extra provisions can significantly enhance the quality of life for your loved one, and cover:


  • Annual check-ups at independent medical facilities
  • Religious service attendance
  • Supplementary education and tutoring
  • Out-of-pocket medical and dental costs
  • Transportation, including vehicle purchases and maintenance
  • Materials for hobbies or recreational activities
  • Funds for trips, vacations, and entertainment
  • Purchasing goods that increase happiness and overall well-being, such as computers, electronics, or furniture
  • Athletic training and competition expenses
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Personal care attendants or escorts


It’s crucial to recognize that special needs estate planning requires highly specialized legal expertise. Any mistakes in this area can lead to severe financial repercussions resulting from the loss of Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income benefits. If you’re caring for a child with special needs, contact us today and learn how we can effectively draft and execute a plan tailored to your needs while safeguarding your government benefits. Contact our team of special needs planning lawyers in Washington DC for a free consultation today.