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Common Problems with Deeds on Deaths

Estate planning is important for every Washington DC resident, but many individuals don’t take it seriously enough, leading them to procrastinate until they are critically ill or nearing the end of life. While it’s better to start late than never at all, commencing the process early not only reduces stress but allows for a more comprehensive approach equipped to address both current and future needs. 

Clifford M. Cohen, a seasoned estate planning lawyer based in DC, brings a wealth of expertise to assist individuals at various stages of life with crafting thorough estate plans. While our primary focus is preparing your legal documents, we are deeply committed to your overall well-being and aim to build lasting relationships with each of our clients. Secure your loved ones’ future and ensure peace of mind by entrusting your estate planning to an experienced professional in Washington DC.

The Purpose of An Estate Plan

The Law Offices of Clifford M. Cohen serves Washington DC with estate planning strategies crafted to the unique needs of each client. Every plan comprises the specific contingencies, arrangements, and requests you want handled in the event of your death or incapacitation. Below are just a few examples of what to consider:

  • Are you seeking to avoid probate?
  • Who will manage your assets if you become disabled or cognitively impaired?
  • Do you need protection against creditor claims, divorce, or lawsuits?
  • Who will make sure beneficiaries manage their inheritance responsibly?
  • If you are unable to, who will make healthcare decisions for you? 
  • Do you own a business, and if so, what are your plans for it upon your passing?
  • Do you have sufficient liquidity in your estate to cover potential estate taxes?

If you aren’t sure what to include, we offer personalized guidance through estate planning law with in-depth consultations. 

The Estate Planning Process 

Understanding the Portability of the Estate Tax Exemption

Our process begins with an initial consultation where we’ll go over your questions, concerns, goals, and values to tailor a plan that suits your needs. Then, during the follow-up design meeting, we delve into the strategy behind your plan, making sure you understand its objectives and the requirements of any trusts involved. We may hold additional meetings to refine the plan if necessary. 

Once your plan has been finalized, we schedule a signing ceremony approximately three weeks later, verifying that all questions are answered and all legal documents have been explained. Finally, we emphasize the importance of proper plan execution, offering assistance with funding to guarantee its effectiveness.

Case law, IRS rulings, and even your personal goals can change every few years, so we recommend frequently reviewing your estate plan. Our experts will work with you to confirm it is always complete and up-to-date. This will make estate administration easier and less costly when the time comes for others to assume responsibility on your behalf. 

Personalized Attention from a Seasoned Estate Planner


Clifford M. Cohen has served Washington DC as an estates and trusts lawyer for over 35 years, using his extensive knowledge to help clients secure their legacy and protect the well-being of their families. Don’t leave everything you’ve worked for in the hands of fate. Contact us today at 202-895-2799 for a complimentary case evaluation.

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