Download this Free App to Quickly Determine What Services are Covered by Medicare

medicareDoes Medicare cover a test or procedure recommended by your doctor? You’ll know at a glance if you use Medicare’s new “What’s Covered” app.

The free app allows you to browse a list of alphabetized services or search for a specific topic to determine what is covered, or not covered, by Medicare Parts A and B. You can also learn how to obtain benefits, basic information about costs, preventative services covered by Medicare, and more.

What Kind of Information is on the New Medicare App?

The app provides information about coverage for an extensive array of medical conditions and services. Here are just a few examples:

  • Ambulance and Emergency services 
  • Diabetes screening, prevention, and management 
  • Flu shots 
  • Lung cancer screening 
  • Home health care 
  •  Mammograms 
  •  Depression and other behavioral issues 
  •  Pain management

It’s worth noting that services available under some Medicare Advantage plans, such as vision, hearing, and dental, are not listed on the app. Nor does the app take into account a user’s specific deductibles, co-insurance, or supplemental insurance. 

Why Was The New Medicare App Launched?

The “What’s Covered” app is part of a larger effort by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to modernize Medicare and empower Medicare beneficiaries. Other CMS initiatives include:

  • Improved interactive decision-making support online that fosters a greater understanding of coverage options and costs between Medicare Advantage Plans and the original Medicare
  • Price transparency tools that allow seniors to compare costs based on where a medical procedure takes place. For example, you can compare the cost of services in a hospital outpatient department versus an ambulatory surgical center
  • The addition of a helpful web chat option to the Medicare Plan Finder

To get the app from the App Store or Google Play, visit

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